This website is dedicated to all things John Buchan. It  contains amusing quotations from the novels of the great man which emphasise his particularly robust view of life. There are also passages from like minded authors such as J.P. Donleavy, Flann O'Brien and John Betjeman, and a page of golden song from that legend of the gramophone, Richard Tauber.
“It does me good to hear your voice, Dick,' he said. 'It reminds me of clean, honest things.” Greenmantle
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‘Wi porridge, turf n' the dung o an Aberdin' Angus, ye'll no want muckle else.’
John Buchan in a letter to his mother, 1903

“You’re a K.C.B. aren’t you? They offered me a knighthood too, but my firm thought I’d better stand out…”
The Island of Sheep